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How is Your Dairy Addiction Reflecting on You?

Filed Under: Homeopathy,Personal Care at 12:11 pm | By: Brandi Spade, Senior Editor
dairy-cattle.jpgGoing vegan isn’t just to save the animals anymore.  It may just save your face.  Dermatologists are uncovering more and more evidence that milk products increase the likelihood of developing acne.  Cow milk contains hormones that when ingested by the human body is converted to dihydrotestosterone (DHT).  Dihydrotestosterone is a potent form of testosterone that increases the production of oils by the sebaceous glands that then become clogged whereby bacteria enter, often resulting in acne.     

Dermatologists like Dr. Bill Danby of Dartmouth Medical School often recommend that patients may help clear up the progression of acne by eliminating milk products from their diet.  Yet, several factors contribute to this skin condition.  Many people are genetically prone to acne, followed by the two other factors whereby the reproductive organs and the adrenal glands contribute to skin eruptions by creating an overabundance of oils that can clog pores.  Dairy products act much the same way as the latter two contributors.  Eliminating dairy removes one factor that exacerbates acne, allowing a dermatologist to help patients rectify any remaining problems and eliminate acne altogether.

Dr. Danby recommends removing dairy products from your diet for at least six months in order to determine if in fact your acne begins to clear.  Following a healthy diet, exercising and making an appointment with a certified dermatologist help round out the recommended first steps to living an acne free life.  Eliminate dairy products, even lactose free ones, and reintroduce soy, almond and rice milk.  Make an appointment with a qualified dermatologist and begin a regiment of health and wellness that will reflect in your face.

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