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How to Use Neti Pots

Filed Under: Personal Care at 1:25 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak
Neti PotNeti pots have been one of the top selling products at Lucky Vitamin since they were featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show a few years ago. Some people still don’t know what a neti pot is or don’t know how to use one.

Neti pot is a product to cleanse the sinus passages, washing the nasal cavity by washing and flushing out excess mucus and debris from the nose and sinuses.

Neti pots can be used to eliminate problems ranging from allergies and sinus infections all the way down to congestion brought on by the common cold.  The neti pot works to eliminate environmental pollutants and buildup that form in the mucous linings of the nasal passages.

Most questions about neti pots are regarding how to use it properly. It’s simple process.

First, you must prepare a saline solution, normally made of warm water and neti pot salt, and fill into your neti pot. Then, lean forward and turn your head to the side. The small spout is meant to be inserted into the upper nostril to begin the draining process. Raise the pot gradually so the saline solution has flowed through, exhale through your nose to clear the nasal passages. Repeat the steps with the other nostril. Demonstrations and instructions are helpful to make you more comfortable in your first attempt.

Clinical testing has shown that this practice is safe and beneficial with no significant side effects. Nasal irrigation is used to treat a wide range of chronic sinus symptoms; for chronic rhino sinusitis it is an effective adjunctive therapy.

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  1. Cathy H. Jones says:

    I suffered from sinus infections several times a year and used a neti pot but I seriously hated the hanging over the sink and cranking my neck. I did some research on-line and found a device called the Navage Nasal Hygiene System (looking at my device right now). I use it at night and first of all sleep better but also haven’t had a sinus infection since I started using it once a day. They sell these nose rinses which make my life much easier. It takes me 15 seconds to do and no clean-up. I am in-love with this product.

  2. Leota Uppinghouse says:

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