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Is That a Zit!?

Filed Under: Personal Care at 4:12 pm | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
Skin ExaminationWhen you’re feeling light and breezy, your body mirrors your mood. Your skin is a smooth, clear palette. Your hair is full and shiny, and your nails are long, strong and firm. Then, stress hits. Within minutes, pimples erupt on your chin, hair clogs the drain and your nails break without the slightest provocation. You examine your appearance with mounting disgust, wishing that it would return to normal, but it won’t. So you add your dermatological downfalls to the list of reasons for your stress; however, what you should have done is the reverse.

Everyone knows that stress weighs on you physically and psychologically, but few are aware of its effect on your appearance.  The presence of tension, anxiety and all that go with them can send your skin into a flurry of ill health. The increased amount of stress hormones increases oil production, which leads to acne, breakouts and similar conditions. It also lessens your ability to ward off future skin infections.  When mice were subjected to three days of stress-inducing stimulants, they were less able to fight injected infections than their calmer counterparts. But, it doesn’t stop there.

Your hair would rather not be present for your nervous breakdown, so at the first sign of stress, it turns to fall-out mode. Whenever it can, it abandons your head for the drain, floor and brush. You lose it, which is enough to make you start biting your nails or picking at them or rubbing them anxiously over your thumb nail. Suddenly, you are pimply, balding and looking at brittle, distorted nails. It’s stressing you out. Guess what that’s going to cause: More dermatological problems.

See a cycle?

The next time your skin erupts and your hair litters the floor, consider the reasons why. You may have a preexisting medical condition or you may just be really stressed. If that’s the case, take the steps necessary to calm your anxiety. Meditate, exercise, take a bath, find control of your situation and soothe your skin by soothing your soul.

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