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Lucky Vitamin Presents: A La Maison

Filed Under: Personal Care at 4:00 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak

Lucky Vitamin is proud to announce the introduction of another premium brand of personal care products to our site: A La Maison.

A La Maison offers a top quality line of products from bar soaps to bath and shower gels, as well as a uniquely different selection of liquid soaps imported from France.

A La Maison traditional recipes date back to 1828 in France when Marseille soap masters developed the famous French milled process. A slow cooking and purifying process which transforms 100% natural vegetable oils into glycerin rich, smooth, lathering soaps. Softer to the skin than other liquid soaps also known as detergents.

Available in many scents, A La Maison products are all high-quality, smooth French triple milled soaps, professionally prepared with all-natural ingredients, like Argan Oil or Shea Butter.

Also available in value packs of 4 x 3.5 oz. bars, La Maison Hypoallergenic Bar Soap offers many benefits. Not a detergent, these natural soaps are made with 100% vegetable based, natural colors and fragrances, Shea butter and Argan oils. Less acidic than castille soap, all soaps contain no SLS, no phthalates and no parabens.

Additionally, all A La Maison products are biodegradable and cruelty free, with no animal testing. Sustainability and biodiversity are priorities for the company as well as saving the orangutans and the rainforest.

Lucky Vitamin is now offering A La Maison selective line of soaps at our discounted prices.

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