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Lucky Vitamin Presents: Auric Blends

Filed Under: Personal Care at 9:00 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak
Auric Blends

Lucky Vitamin is happy to introduce a top quality brand of fragrance products to our customers: Auric Blends.

Auric Blends is a force in the gift and personal care industries, providing perfume, incense, candles, soaps, and specialty items to retailers across the country and throughout the world. The company manufacturers fine fragrance products including perfume oils and perfume solids which will provide an incomparable aromatic experience.

Founded in 1993, Auric Blends believe that fragrance products can enrich our lives through enhancing our sensory experience. Fragrant candles create warmth on cool autumn or winter days, incense can bring a subtle or strong aroma to any environment and can aid in relaxation and meditation. However, the line of perfume products is the highlight of this brand. Using 100% natural ingredients and made with essential oils and other natural materials, these perfumes are developed and made using rare flowers, sweet fruits, clean citrus and natural refined woods.

Auric Blends’ best-selling fragrance line is called Egyptian Goddess. These unique products combine soft florals, light powder, and musk to create a perfume that is seductive, feminine and enticing. This lovely perfume has been weaving tales of passion and infatuation for over 14 years and with a distinctive collection of select products, you can experience Egyptian Goddess while you bathe, during a candle-lit dinner and as a wonderful perfume.

Lucky Vitamin is now offering all Auric Blends products at our discounted prices.

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