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Lucky Vitamin Presents: Essential Oxygen

Filed Under: Personal Care at 5:00 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak
Lucky Vitamin is proud to announce the introduction of Essential Oxygen products to our site.

Essential Oxygen offers an unparalleled line of oral care products to help support a variety of different issues.

This top line of products can promote healthier gums and whiter teeth, and also support tooth sensitivity, morning mouth, and fight bad breath, canker sores, and tartar. A very natural line, all Essential Oxygen products are free of sodium laurel sulfate, chlorine bleach, animal testing, pesticides, fluoride, glycerin, and alcohol.

The Essential Oxygen organic brushing rinse toothpaste plus mouthwash is a flavored mouth rinse that can be used as toothpaste and mouthwash at the same time.

The ultimate oral solution for whiter teeth and healthier gums, this product is essential to improve toxic morning mouth.

Toxic morning mouth occurs because of the body’s natural cleansing process that takes place while we sleep each night.  Each night, our liver cleanses our blood and many of the toxins and bacteria accumulate in our mouth.  It’s not an accident that our breath is not its best first thing in the morning.

Long ago, Ayurvedic practitioners observed this phenomena and recommended tongue scraping as a way to rid ourselves of yesterday’s toxins.
Essential Oxygen Brushing Rinse operates on the same principle, but removes all the bad bacteria, not just some of it.  Upon wakening and before swallowing saliva, swish and brush your teeth and tongue with Essential Oxygen Brushing Rinse and your immune system will be thrilled.

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  1. Lutz says:

    Wow, those are great tips. We've been snliggrutg with this with my 2yr old and I just didn't know what to do. Several of these tips should help us. Thanks!

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