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Lucky Vitamin Presents: Gabriel Cosmetics Inc.

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Gabriel Cosm

When it comes to premium personal care products, Lucky Vitamin doesn’t seem to stop adding top quality brands, increasing the options for its customers. The latest addition is a company conceived and developed from the healing properties of the sea: Gabriel Cosmetics Inc.

Gabriel Cosmetics Inc. offers an organic skincare line of vegan and gluten free cosmetics, which has been under extensive development since 1991. All formulations have been stringently tested on all skin types, male and female, all ages, nationalities, and professions. The test results showed that no contraindication or adverse skin reactions were observed on any of the subjects, and noticeable improvements were noted after only a few days use. The company has created the perfect formula with the right combination of sea-derived botanicals not only to revitalize the skin and keep it looking younger, but also reduce stress and help balance and re-mineralize the body in a natural and pleasant manner.

Gabriel products are made from 100% natural ingredients. No synthetic chemicals or animal by-products are utilized and no testing is ever done on animals. These environmentally safe products contain a higher percentage of active ingredients than any other similar products. All products are gluten free and vegan.

In addition to the Gabriel Organics Skincare line, the brand offers Gabriel Color, a full line of all-natural, pressed mineral cosmetics, ZuZu Luxe, a luxury color cosmetics line designed for women, and Clean Kids, a healthy alternative in children’s personal care, including shampoo, conditioner, liquid soap and bubble bath.

Moreover, you can get free shipping on all Gabriel Cosmetics items. Just enter the promotion code GABRIELSHIP at checkout for free standard shipping, savings equivalent of $5.95 off, the cost of standard shipping. A $25 minimum purchase of Gabriel Cosmetics products is required.

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  1. Jean Silva says:

    I love Gabriel Cosmetics Inc. products! I have been using them for 8 years. Everything from the Red Seaweed Purifying gel cleanser (which works perfectly with my Clarisonic) to the moisturizing liquid foundation (has spf 18 and amazing coverage) to the lipsticks–which LAST!

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