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Lucky Vitamin Presents: Honeymark

Filed Under: Personal Care at 11:00 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor
Lucky Vitamin is proud to present an importer and a distributor of natural Manuka Honey products: Honeymark.

Honeymark products contain active, certified UMF Manuka Honey from New Zealand. Manuka Honey is a special type of honey that contains properties that support the natural healing process, help to treat dry and scaly skin, support of joint mobility, and natural healing of wounds and immune defenses.

Active Manuka Honey is known to contain antibacterial properties and has been used by the indigenous of New Zealand for many years. Today, Manuka Honey benefits are being recognized by health care professionals around the world.

Honeymark is the premier supplier of Manuka Honey products in the United States offering a user-friendly cream-based line of products. Honeymark’s Manuka Honey skin care products work in situations where other products have failed.

Honeymark products are manufactured using earth-friendly standards, and sustainable practices are a priority in every aspect of the operation. All Honeymark products are made with active Manuka Honey from New Zealand, and are produced using all-natural ingredients. The entire line of products is free of parabens, artificial coloring, synthetic fragrances, genetically modified organisms, mineral oils, and artificial preservatives.

Other manufacturers use synthetic or chemical-based ingredients because they are less expensive than plant-derived, botanical ingredients.  This helps to improve their profit margins but Honeymark has a different philosophy.  The company believes that producing high-quality products that actually work really well and are good for you, will result in more people want to use them. This seems like a simple concept but there are still millions of people who use products ever day that contain toxic and questionably unsafe ingredients.

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