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Lucky Vitamin Presents: Joyful Bath Co

Filed Under: Personal Care at 9:00 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor
Lucky Vitamin is happy to present to our customers another premium brand of personal care products: Joyful Bath Co.

Joyful Bath Co. offers a line of natural bath products created only with pure ingredients from the land and sea. The signature bath salts and handmade botanical soaps blend the healing elements of the land and the sea with bathing rituals and remedies from around the world.

Joyful Bath Co. products contain natural ingredients including mineral-rich salts from the Mediterranean and Dead Seas; and organic extra virgin olive, palm and coconut oils mix with honey, buttermilk, ginger root, green tea, oats, coconut milk and pure essential oils. Offering the best natural, pure formulas, Joyful Bath Co. uses no perfume or synthetic fragrances, no parabens or preservatives, no artificial colors or dyes, and no detergents.

Taking a bath offers many health benefits. It helps muscles relaxation, taking hot baths with mineral rich bath salts can help reduce inflammation that causes sore and stiff muscles. The hot water warms your muscles helping them loosen and relax.

In addition, a hot bath helps promote a good night’s sleep. Natural bath salts that contain lavender essential oil or real vanilla are calming and relaxing. Baths can also provide aromatherapy and help release toxins caused by stress, as well as providing a quiet, meditative time.

Lucky Vitamin is now offering Joyful Bath Co. unique like of personal care products at our discounted prices.

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