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Lucky Vitamin Presents: The Merry Hempsters

Filed Under: Environment,Personal Care at 7:00 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak
merryhempstersLucky Vitamin is happy to introduce a revolutionary brand of personal care products created from organic hemp seed oil: The Merry Hempsters.

The Merry Hempsters offers an exclusive line of lip balms, salves and rubs designed to promote the extraordinary benefits of hemp seed oil (Cannabis sativa). The company uses only the finest quality natural ingredients in combination with cutting edge eco-friendly packaging, resulting in a unique, effective, and environmentally-friendly line of skin care products.

Environmental sustainability, from the creation of the lip balm tubing to the disposal of that tubing, is of utmost concern. The Merry Hempsters uses only tree-free paper produced from hemp stock, soy based inks, and post-consumer recycled content in all correspondence and packaging.

Since 1994, The Merry Hempsters has shown an increase in market exposure, not just because hemp has good marketing appeal, but because it really works. Hemp is nutritious, sustainable, versatile, and it is truly good for the body, mind and soul. All products feature Canadian Certified Organic Hemp Seed Oil as a primary base. All lip balms, salves and rubs are unique in their healing properties thanks to the genuine benefits of hemp seed oil.

Lucky Vitamin is now offering The Merry Hempsters organic products at our discounted prices. Click here to shop for The Merry Hempsters organic lip balm, vegan lip balm, medicinal salves, hemp muscle rubs, hemp tattoo balm, and much more.

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