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Plant-Based Ceramides For Healthy Skin

Filed Under: Personal Care at 3:19 pm | By: Kim McCorkell, Senior Editor


Cold, dry winter months leave our skin longing for extra protection and moisture. It’s easy enough to slather the nearest lotion on hands and body to provide temporary relief. But for long-lasting results, we need a product that builds healthy skin, from the inside out.

Knowing what to look for is key. The essential building blocks of healthy skin include plant ceramides, lecithin and essential fatty acids. Ceramides serve many important roles for skin health. Most importantly, they’re an essential component of the skin’s primary barrier, known as the stratum corneum. The stratum corneum’s protective role keeps foreign substances out of the body and locks moisture in.

Healthy skin has the right balance of three types of lipids, located in the stratum corneum: ceramides, cholesterol and free fatty acids. Together, these three lipids form glycophospholipids. When looking for effective skin care lotions that can protect, soothe and heal dry winter skin, you’ll want to look for a lotion that contains the right proportion of glycophospholipids.

When out of balance, low ceramide levels make it difficult for the skin to retain moisture. They’re also linked to skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. One of our newest products from Earth Science is formulated with this balance in mind.

With regular use, Multi-Therapy Ceramide Healthy Skin Lotion can help restore your skin to its optimum state by improving your skin’s moisture-retaining capacity. It uses some of the best natural ingredients to enhance its effectiveness and texture. It contains shea butter, safflower oil, sunflower seed oil and hemp oil. It’s a non-greasy, fragrance-free healing lotion with no artificial colors or parabens.

Does your lotion work to restore and sooth dry skin with natural ingredients? If not, stop reaching for temporary relief. Check out Multi-Therapy Ceramide Healthy Skin Lotion by Earth Science today, at 30% off retail prices at Your winter skin will thank you!

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