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3 Reasons to Switch to Natural Toothpaste

Filed Under: Green Living,Personal Care at 7:00 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak
People continue a good trend of switching to natural products. Every day, more and more people realize the issues caused by dangerous ingredients in food and personal care products and are switching over to more natural options. It’s no different with toothpaste and you don’t need a lot of reasons to make a switch to natural toothpaste.

First, as a healthier alternative to chemical-filled toothpaste, natural products contain little to none ingredients that can harm you and your family. Sodium lauryl sulfate is used in toothpaste products as a thickener as well as to help create that nice lathery soap you get in your mouth. Unfortunately, this chemical has been linked to a number of different health dangers such as skin and eye irritation. It can also alter the structure of the skin which may mean more toxins are able to absorb into your body. In addition, most conventional toothpastes have glycerin, a pretty controversial ingredient as it provides no health benefits but it’s used in toothpaste to improve the texture of the paste.

Second, natural toothpaste products contain natural antibacterial ingredients to help eliminate bacteria and keep your mouth healthy. However, one common ingredient in many products is not really necessary on your toothpaste: fluoride. We have all heard that fluoride is essential for dental health but, in fact, fluoride is toxic in high doses and may not help your teeth at all. Most people get enough fluoride from city-treated drinking water to fight cavities. You can find several flouride-free natural toothpastes.

Lastly, conventional toothpaste products are more likely to increase sensitivity in your mouth. A good number of regular products are known to irritate and burn the mouth. On the other hand, natural toothpaste contains mild ingredients known to decrease sensitivity and make brushing less painful.

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  1. Dib says:

    Our water doesn’t contain fluoride because people are overly anxious about toxicity.
    Therefore I need to buy fluoride toothpaste.
    As long as kids don’t snack on it…

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