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Shades of Change with Herbatint

Filed Under: Personal Care at 4:51 pm | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
HerbatintEvery few months I have the overwhelming urge to change my hair. Sometimes, I chop it off, taking below the shoulders to at the ear. Sometimes, I get bangs – side, full, both. Sometimes, I dye it – blonde, Kool-Aid red, green. And sometimes, I do all three. The last, of course, often leads to a traumatic morning after and so I try to keep those incidents to a minimum. This time, I decided to dye it using Herbatint’s Vegetal Color.

Herbatint produces a line of herbally based hair colors (permanent and temporary), shampoos and conditioners. Vegetal Color is a semi-permanent product, designed to add highlights and color tones to your natural look. It is not meant to lighten or hide grays, and will wash out after six or seven shampoos.

The product is relatively easy to apply. You wash your hair first, using Herbatint shampoo (a free sample of which is provided in the box – very convenient) and then, apply the color to your damp, not soaking, hair. To do this you need an applicator brush, which sadly is not provided in the kit – a minor annoyance that can easily be taken care of with a trip to Sally’s or similar beauty supply store. Once you’ve evenly covered your hair, you don a shower cap and wait for 45 minutes, at which point you rinse with lukewarm water, then style your hair as you normally would. It’s a very simple process- the most difficult aspect being selecting a shade.

The company recommends Henna Red, but I went with Copper Chestnut. I found that my hair was not markedly different (Despite a blond youth, I’ve settled rather blandly into a naturally chestnut-ish color), but it had changed. It was a shade darker with hints of copper visible throughout. It was, as I had hoped, a very subtle difference – enough to assuage my hair-boredom without condemning me to another month of frighteningly bright, red hair.

Now, about four washes in, the copper is less pronounced, fading with each shampoo. By the time I get to the seventh wash, I imagine that I will barely be able to note any difference, which will be fine, because I’m already moving beyond this restless phase, preparing for the next. The question is what will that entail? Honey Blonde?

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