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Shower Gel Advantages

Filed Under: Health Aids,Personal Care at 7:00 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak
gelIt’s a fact: old timers don’t like it. Many people prefer the good old bar soap when it comes to shower products but you can’t deny the advantages of shower gel over the traditional bar soap.

Shower gels are usually more sanitary and that’s perhaps the main reason many people are switching from bars to gels. Bars were first designed over a hundred years ago and technology has helped to create a product that can reduce the contamination on its surface. Gels are packaged in such a way that it cannot be penetrated, delivering a pure product to your skin.

Shower gels offer better formulations and a variety of natural products contain potent essential oils, fragrances and vitamins. Bars soaps may have some of the same ingredients but the gel form is proven to be the best way of deliver. In addition, many brands have created unique aromatherapeutic shower gels, which contain special, floral and effervescent compounds that cannot be packed into soaps.

Lastly, shower gels can drastically reduce waste when compared to bar soaps and are one of the best ways to make some savings in your personal care products budget. Soap users often lose part of the soaps as the wearing process isn’t always even due to moisture or when left in a wet soap-dish. Shower gels do not present this common and annoying problem as you are always able to avoid waste using the entire product out of tubes or containers, which are immune to moisture issues.

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