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The Amazing Aloe Vera

Filed Under: Health Foods,Personal Care,Supplements at 11:00 am | By: Brandi Spade, Senior Editor
aloe-vera.jpgMy mother housed aloe vera plants throughout our home.  Every burn was soon met with a snipped aloe limb, clear juices dripping from the end.  The soothing aloe gel relieved numerous pains during my growing years.  Yet, today it is available for treating a lot more than just sunburns and other skin irritations.  Aloe’s uses range from stomach soothers to face creams. You can find its calming properties in everything from toothpaste to facial moisturizers.  The spiny aloe vera has become the renaissance man of the plant world. 

Aloe does come with a few warnings.  When dealing with any natural cure-all plant substance, some of the suggested uses for this plant have not been proven or researched.  Before ingesting the aloe juice orally, it’s best to discuss your aloe interests with your doctor to clear up any interactions with other prescriptions or with personal health conditions.  FYI, aloe vera was also once used as a very effective laxative, another point to keep in mind before drinking any mixture of the juice.  But it’s definitely sunburn season so keep the juices flowing.  Visit and investigate aloe’s numerous uses.

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