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The Best Natural Sun Protection for Children

Filed Under: Personal Care at 4:25 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak
Summer is heating up and people continue to search for the best sun care products. Many brands of sunscreen lotions are available but you should be careful when shopping sun care products, particularly for your little ones.

Children’s skin is very sensitive to sun rays, and their skin is also more likely to absorb the ingredients in the sunscreen than the skin of an adult. It may sound like a positive thing: the more ingredients can be absorbed, the more protection kids will have, but parents should carefully check all ingredients listed.

Sunscreens use either physical barriers to reflect the sun’s rays or chemical absorbers to soak up UV radiation before it reaches the skin. Since many regular sunscreen products contain dangerous chemicals, look for products containing natural ingredients.

Natural sunscreen products can protect your children’s delicate skin, providing the most UVB and UVA protection without the use of these dangerous chemicals. Natural products use highly effective ingredients and are unlikely to irritate even the most sensitive skin.

Babies are best protected with clothing rather than sunscreen and babies under 6 months old should be kept out of the sun altogether. Don’t forget sunglasses to protect eyes against sun damage.

As always, sun lotion should be applied to the skin approximately 30 minutes before going outside and be sure to re-apply frequently if sun exposure is to continue. Re-apply after swimming or excessive perspiration. Remember: using a towel to dry your kids may remove most sunscreen. In addition, check the SPF, Sun Protection Factor, which grades the ability of a sunscreen to filter out UVB rays. The higher the number, the more protection you get.

Enjoy and have fun in the sun while protecting your kids with all natural sunscreen.

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2 Responses to “The Best Natural Sun Protection for Children”

  1. Samantha says:

    I’m so happy you mentioned children’s sunglasses! I think one of the biggest ways parents don’t properly provide protection is not making their children wear UV protected ones, because their eyes are just as sensitive! Thanks for this post!

  2. Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor says:

    My pleasure. I just realized one of the kids in the pictures is wearing sunglasses. Very important indeed. Thanks for your comment.

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