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Try a Deodorant Stone

Filed Under: Personal Care at 10:49 am | By: Brandi Spade, Senior Editor
deodorant-stone.jpgCould you imagine spraying yourself with polyurethane, the same stuff you use to waterproof your furniture, just before a big marathon. You get up to mile marker five and not a drop of sweat is escaping your body. Amazing, but would you consider that healthy? Would you let someone cover you in weatherproofing to avoid sweat? I’m willing to wager you’d say ixnay to that option, at the same time that I’m willing to bet you already do something similar to at least one part of your body. Yep, you wear antiperspirant deodorant, I know you do. You’re weatherproofing your armpits with aluminum chlorohydrate or aluminum zirconium to avoid those unsightly armpit stains. Your armpits are a walking sweat and waterproof surface just like your hardwood patio chairs. But there is a solution. We, or at least a majority of the populace, simply use deodorant to avoid being “that person.” You know, the one everyone tries to stand upwind from to avoid the smell. The next time you’re out, look for deodorant stones, which are merely crystallized natural mineral salts. These stones do not inhibit the body’s natural perspiration, while the mineral salt prevents odor causing bacteria that usually forms in sweat. Avoid parabens and aluminum products that can harm your body and give natural deodorant stones a try. Simply follow the instructions and prevent body odor while allowing peace of mind that your body is not absorbing unwanted, harmful chemicals nor being prevented from releasing natural perspiration when necessary.

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