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Which Brew Are You?

Filed Under: Personal Care at 5:11 pm | By: Kim McCorkell, Senior Editor
Natural Shampoo with beerThis stuff works. Not in a salesy, I-guess-it-didn’t-get-worse kind of way, but in a surprisingly I-can’t-believe-it-did-what-it-actually-said-it-would kind of way.

BRÖÖ is an ultra-performance shampoo and conditioner without added chemicals. What makes it work?  Beer!  No chemicals, just “clean” natural ingredients that act as a superdrink for beautiful hair.  Don’t believe it? Here’s the quick and dirty secret behind what makes beer so great for beautiful hair.

  • Barley – This grain produces a wealth of vitamins that are fabulous for your hair. Specifically, B vitamins, proteins and minerals; great building blocks of great hair and skin.
  • Water – Gets the goodness out of the malted barley and into the beer. BROO’s pure mountain water is soft and pH-balanced, just what your hair needs for pHerfectly balanced shampoos and conditioners.
  • Hops – Extracts essential oils in the brewing process, which are filled with anti-oxidants and toning/astringent properties.
  • Yeast – A living organism full of B vitamins (known to help build strong, healthy hair), and also used in Europe to treat acne and skin inflammations.

BRÖÖ comes in three distinct brews for you to try – warm vanilla hydrating porter, fresh citrus volumizing pale ale, and silky spice smoothing I.P.A. shampoos and conditioners. Which brew are you?

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