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Whoever Said “No Pain, No Gain” Was Sorely Mistaken

Filed Under: Homeopathy,Personal Care at 4:56 pm | By: Brandi Spade, Senior Editor
sports1.jpgWhether you’re training for the Ironman Triathlon or looking to do that 5K walk/run for a local cause, it’s nearly impossible to avoid some sports related pain or injury at one point in your exercise routine. Once you start experiencing pain, it becomes difficult to continue working out with the same dedication and intensity. Resting can help calm sore muscles, yet recovering for over 48 hours will allow the body to start slipping downhill from its peak state. Major injuries require rest before more permanent damage sets in that could inhibit future physical activity. Yet, for those regular bouts of muscle stiffness and pain, products such as Peaceful Mountain’s Muscle Rescue Gel and Boericke and Tafel Sports Gel do the trick to get you back to the gym and back on your game. Both products utilize natural ingredients to help sooth pain and inflammation, keeping muscles feeling great for your next workout.

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