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Lucky Vitamin Presents: Lumino

Filed Under: Environment,Pet Care at 4:00 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak

Lucky Vitamin is happy to introduce Lumino products to our customers. Lumino offers a unique line of environmentally friendly pet products to promote health and well-being naturally and at affordable prices.

Many pet owners are looking for all-natural solutions and Lumino pet products are the perfect alternative to toxic chemicals, keeping dogs and cats happy and healthy. Lumino’s pet product line comes from the experience of using Lumino Spa Origins skin and body care products on pets. These spa-quality products are created with natural and organic ingredients, and contain no toxic chemicals, synthetic preservatives, parabens, or petroleum by-products.

So, Lumino has made some minor formula changes to ensure that all the ingredients used are absolutely safe for dogs, cats, birds, and horses. Many pet owners are turning to all-natural solutions rather than pharmaceutical drugs to deal with their pet’s stress-related emotions and behavior.

Lumino Diatomaceous Earth is an environmentally friendly alternative to toxic commercial flea and tick treatments. It contains a fine powder composed of the crushed fossilized exoskeletons of microscopic diatoms. This is a remarkable substance that actually dries out the waxy outer layer of fleas, causing them death by dehydration. In tests performed by the USDA, as well as a number of consumer trials, diatomaceous earth has proven to be an effective non-chemical insect control.

Diatomaceous Earth is pure organic food grade it is a pleasure to use, with no chemical odors or harsh feelings on your hands. Using only all natural ingredients, Lumino products are a great value for the money and much superior than cheap products produced with petroleum by-products and an array of potentially harmful chemicals.

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