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Filed Under: Pet Care at 1:29 pm | By: Brandi Spade, Senior Editor
SkunkIf you and your pet are city dwellers, you’re probably wondering what kind of crazy person would buy, let alone manufacture, a product that totes the title “Skunk Odor Remover.” But let me tell you, if you’re camping out in the woods and your pet returns with a new scent, you’ll gladly make like Jett Clampett for the nearest skunk-be-gone retailer. An avid camper myself, with a history of family pets that love to chase anything furry, I’m wishing that this product had been around back then. So for all you pet owners out there, I would recommend keeping a bottle handy. Or you could learn the hard way that tomato juice is actually a good home remedy for removing that noxious skunk odor…as long as a majority of the tomato stays on your pet. Gives new meaning to the words “labor of love.”

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