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Suck ‘Em Up

Filed Under: Pet Care at 12:11 pm | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
PuppyYou have fleas. It’s undeniable. Sparky’s incessant scratching can no longer be written off as a causeless tic. The little buggers are currently hopping furiously through your home, covering every available surface and driving you mad. You want to kill them, eradicate them from your life and stop the needless itching. But you are nervous about the sprays. Aren’t there enough chemicals in your life already? Aren’t you inundated daily with news of what one toxin or another will do to your health? Besides you can’t afford an exterminator, and you can hardly be trusted to properly spray your entire house without ingesting some of the chemical yourself. What should you do? You HAVE to get rid of the fleas, but how?

Break out the Dust Buster. Vacuuming effectively kills 96 percent of adult and 100 percent of young fleas. The physical trauma they are put through roughs them up to the degree that the vacuum bag is a veritable graveyard. Thoroughly vacuuming your entire house from the elusive nooks and crannies to Sparky’s well worn bed will eliminate the fleas in your home. But what about Sparky himself? You can’t very well vacuum him, can you?

No. That wouldn’t end well, and I doubt you could get Sparky to sit still long enough to be properly hosed, which is why there are dips, powders and sprays. Any one of them can kill the insects currently making themselves at home on your loyal pet. Once you’ve rid Sparky of the fleas, see your vet for prevention treatments. Many require monthly dosage – a minimum amount of work for a maximum amount of relief. 

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  1. Jamie says:

    This past summer we decided not to use any of the commercial products like Front line on our dogs, due to the dangers of the chemicals they contain.
    We purchased several bottles of Neem Protect spray and shampoo By Ark Naturals, from Lucky Vitamin.
    We used the spray and shampoo durring the warm months last year. We did not have any problems with flea. The entire summer, we found one loosely attached tick on one dog, far better results than we had with front line.
    Our dogs are active in the summer and are outside walking, often in the country or state parks, on a daily basis. Last year was considered one of the worst years ever for ticks here in Wisconsin, yet they dogs did great with the Ark Naturals product.

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