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Coconut Collagen Keto Coffee Recipe

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The first thing you need in any coffee recipe is good coffee. Good coffee means freshly ground and brewed. But we’re going to take our caffeine fix to the next level by making a cup of Coconut Collagen Keto Coffee, with a bit of vanilla latte flair.

By adding two scoops of LuckyVitamin Pure Collagen to your coffee, you’ll get 10 grams of non-GMO, grass-fed protein. So if you’re drinking your coffee mid-morning or mid-afternoon, the collagen will make you feel fuller. Consuming collagen can also help keep your skin, hair, nails and joints healthy.

As an added bonus, the coconut oil we’ve included in this recipe contains MCTs, a healthy source of fat that provides lasting energy and will also help keep you full.

Many people who start a keto diet often feel tired after the carbs start leaving their body. The caffeine in this coffee, plus the healthy MCTs in the coconut oil, are really going to help you on your way toward that keto goal.

Just like a regular cup of coffee, you can adjust the sweetness to taste. I like a sweet cup of coffee, so eight drops of stevia extract is what works for me.

Once your drink is blended and you remove the lid, you’ll notice how the air escapes and you get a nice, frothy head to your cup of coffee. See how creamy it came out? You get that nice, foamy top, just like a latte!

Here’s how you can whip up a smooth Coconut Collagen Keto Coffee at home:

Coconut Collagen Keto Coffee Recipe



  • Pour freshly brewed coffee into a blender cup. Add almond milk creamer, vanilla, coconut oil, pure collagen powder and stevia.
  • Close lid and secure container to blender base. Blend until well combined and frothy.
  • Remove lid and pour your beverage into a large mug or jar. Cheers!
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