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Sugar-Free, Monkfruit Whipped Cream

Filed Under: Health Foods,Recipes at 11:51 am | By: Madeline Reiss

Recipe provided by our friends at Lakanto

Whipped cream, the irresistible dessert topping you’ve probably eaten directly from a can of  Redi-Whip (at least) once. If you’re avoiding sugar, you may have had to forgo it on your lattes, hot chocolate, etc—but no more! Monkfruit sweeps in to save the day. You won’t believe what few ingredients it takes to whip up this fluffy topping, and you also won’t believe how similar to real sugar Monkfruit tastes (bye bye artificial sweetener aftertaste!)



Pour all ingredients into a mixing bowl and mix until you reach a consistency you like! You can add a few more drops of Monkfruit until you reach your desired sweetness. Use as you would any conventional whipped cream topping.

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