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A Healthy Future for Our Children

Filed Under: Baby and Child Health,Regulations & Law at 1:24 pm | By: Brandi Spade, Senior Editor is a company concerned about the health and wellness of its customers.  And luckily, there are plenty of others concerned about what’s going on in the world around us as well.  There is plenty of concern in the world community.  Many are irate about environmental concerns that are depriving our children of a safe and healthy future.  Many are upset about money being spent overseas when there is a huge demand for funding within the United States.  Twenty-somethings look forward to years of debt thanks to college loans.  Jobs have become increasingly sedentary in nature.  Food is devoid of nutrients.  Not only is there an increase in percentage of obese adults, but children as well.  It is a time to become active and direct our resources toward areas that will be most beneficial in the long run, especially for our children. 

Fortunately, the federal government will allocate over $1 billion towards school nutritional programs this year alone, most of which Associated Press reviews have found to be…proven failures?  They have brought about nearly no change in the type or amount of food children are consuming on a daily basis.  The programs are in dire need of reform.  So where have our priorities gone?  Why drop money toward failed initiatives?  And how far off the path is the school system in actually meeting the needs of our children?

Pretty far off according to news of late.  One school in the Chicago area found itself amidst criminal charges, filed against Board of Education members who chose to ignore food contaminated with ammonia that was being shipped to schools throughout the district.  42 children and teachers were affected by consumption of the contaminated food.  A school in El Dorado Hills, California paid lobbyists to fight having their school declared a Superfund site for its dangerous levels of asbestos.  And in May 2007, a middle school in Paramus, New Jersey waited nearly five months before informing parents of a pesticide contamination problem (high levels of the FDA banned aldrin, dieldrin and chloradane).  The only reason they even announced the fact in the first place was because of an article published in the local news. 

So what can we do for our children?  Pay attention to their health.  Investigate when something seems abnormal.  Watch what they eat, meaning watch and MAKE SURE they eat more fruits and vegetables.  Start an exercise program where you and your child can stay in shape together.  And don’t ignore politics.  Just because you may not like what you see doesn’t mean you turn a blind eye.  Find a means to change it.  The first step is awareness.  Awareness of your children and the world they live in.

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