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Sure, Your Products are Safe for You. But What About the Bunnies?

Filed Under: Regulations & Law at 12:46 pm | By: Brandi Spade, Senior Editor
bunny.jpgWhat do you stand for as a consumer?  Are you concerned about products that support sustainable living and organic farming?  Or maybe, as this cute little leaping bunny label indicates, you may wish to purchase products that support animal-free product testing.  No matter what your stance is, there is a company out there that shares your beliefs, and makes sure you know it.  And today we’re focusing on the animal lover in you.  The Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics does their absolute best to make you aware of what companies you can look to with trust that their products are absolutely free of animal cruelty.  On a regular basis, this coalition updates their listings of companies that have been CCIC-approved so that you can rest easy that if you purchase a product with the leaping bunny, you are getting a product that does not support testing on animals during any of the production process.  So look before you leap, buy CCIC-approved products and support the animal and the animal lover in you.

Visit and follow their cruelty free guide before purchasing your products from

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