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A Union of Health

Filed Under: Sexual Health at 9:15 am | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
Older CoupleWhen you get married, you are saying that you have found the one person you want to grow old with. The man or woman beside you is the one that will fill the rocking chair next to yours, will raise children with you and unearth the mysteries of life with you. You foresee years of adventure, happiness, frustration, crises, excitement and monotony, together. But what’s the point of all that dreaming, of even getting married if one or both of you don’t make it to the ten year anniversary?

If you want a lengthy marriage, you have to ensure that both you and your spouse remain healthy, emotionally and physically. That means that you must express your feelings, stand up for yourself and be willing to fight rather than back down meekly. Individuals who repress their anger are more likely to die young as opposed to those who openly protest wrongdoings, so if you are attacked unfairly, don’t be afraid to say so. But know that there is a time and place for anger, and sometimes it falls to you to be perky, instead.

Patients recovering from surgery, for example, do so more quickly and healthily when their spouse is upbeat and positive. When their spouse is neurotic and anxious, they are more likely to show signs of depression, which can deter healing. So in situations such as that, you have to put on a happy face and act as a role model for your husband or wife. And since you’re already demonstrating one healthy habit, you may as well show your other half how to live his entire life healthily. Eat well, exercise and maintain a healthy weight, and your spouse will be more apt to do the same. Then, you won’t have to worry that one of you will die prematurely, only that one of you will kill the other before his/her time.

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    Healthy relationships = healthy you 🙂

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