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Approved for What?

Filed Under: Sexual Health at 8:53 am | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
IntestinesIn mid-January, it was announced that the FDA had approved Tysabri for treating moderate to severe Crohn’s Disease. It joined two other previously okayed medications, and despite a list of possible complications, seemed to offer the best solution for patients who were not responding to traditional treatments. You read the news pleased to see that medical developments were making headway and that more options were available for individuals with . . . umm . . . right, Crohn’s Disease . . . which was what exactly? You’ve never heard of it, and if I didn’t know someone with it, I doubt I would have either.

Crohn’s Disease is an ongoing inflammatory condition capable of affecting any part of the digestive tract. Most commonly, however, it occurs in the small and large intestines. Symptoms include abdominal pain and diarrhea, as well as rectal bleeding, weight loss, arthritis, mouth sores, malabsorption and development failure. Crohn’s Disease mirrors several other intestinal diseases including irritable bowel syndrome and ulcerative colitis, meaning your supposed IBS problem could be something else, something chronic and in need of attention.

If left to its own devices, Crohn’s Disease could, at the very worst, lead to intestinal blockage. At the very least, it could cause continual discomfort and considerable deficiency. The diarrhea and malabsorption common in the disease don’t allow for vitamins, minerals or even calories to properly fuel the body (nutritional supplementation is a common treatment method).

If you can’t seem to shake the constant abdominal pain and diarrhea despite various treatments, talk to your doctor. It may be more than you thought. It may be Crohn’s Disease.

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    While this might work, I prefer the NATURAL remedies discussed over at the Dietary Supplement Information Bureau, an authoritative resource on the subject.

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