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Back to School: Part 3

Filed Under: Sexual Health at 7:09 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor
Back to SchoolToday, Lucky Blog “Healthy Back to School” series displays two different supplements very helpful to students: memory boosters and focus & attention products.

Let’s start with brain and memory boosters. Learning can be very difficult if we can’t remember the lessons we have in school. Children often struggle learning because of memory problems. Poor nutrition may be one of the reasons kids have difficulties.

A poor diet can be the cause of some of these struggles as nutrients are vital for the brain and can enhance memory and concentration. The nervous system is responsible for basic motor skills and sensing. Important senses such as touch, taste, sight, smell and hearing are powered by the nervous system and are vital to the learning process.

Students need all the important nutrients that help maximize cognitive function and increase mental capacity. Some herbal supplements are labeled as “memory boosters” and can help promote blood circulation in the brain.

The second part of today’s blog talks about another very important issue: the ability to concentrate and learn quicker.

Focus and attention supplements are essential to kids struggling to stay concentrated. ADD/ADHD is a very common problem among children these days and some parents have tried just about everything to improve their kids’ levels of concentration.

Teachers often tell students to pay attention in class but some kids cannot stay focused (or quiet). Natural supplements may help improve attention, providing essential minerals and amino acids for proper brain development and function.

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