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Back To School: Skin Care and Fish Oil

Filed Under: Sexual Health at 5:26 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak
Happy FishToday, Lucky Blog series “Healthy Back to School” will be talking about skin treatment and omega-3 fish oils.

Skin problems are very common for teenagers and young adults. Acne is an inflammatory condition of the sebaceous glands of the skin and generally consists of red, elevated areas on the skin.

Acne occurs mostly on the face, neck and back and, if not treated properly, can develop into cysts that can cause scarring. Pimples can be a nightmare for teenagers as it may significantly affect their confidence levels. Several natural products can help minimize acne breakouts.

Acne lotions that contain niacinmide gel and tea tree oil can be very helpful. In addition, a couple minerals can quickly improve skin condition: zinc and copper.

Fish oil supplements are the second part of today’s topic and are linked to the first one. If you didn’t know, fish oil is an excellent product to promote healthy skin.

A great source of omega-3s, fish oil is normally taken to support cardiovascular health, eye and vision health, brain and nerve function, the immune system and joint support. Students can certainly enjoy the benefits from omega-3 for all these health concerns as well.

Don’t like the fish taste? Don’t worry. A multitude of products are enteric coated with fruit flavors such as strawberry or lemon. Children’s fish oil supplements come in various forms such as gummies, flavored softgels and chewable tablets. Originally made for kids, it can be taken by anyone struggling to take regular fish oil.

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