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Back to School: Vitamins and Immune Boosters

Filed Under: Sexual Health at 5:10 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak
Back to SchoolLucky Blog continues to promote a healthy “Back to School” time. Today, we focus on two important supplements for all students: vitamins and immune boosters.

Vitamins are important to everyone’s health. A diet rich in vitamins is the first step to enhance the body’s natural defenses.

Students may take a multi vitamin to promote overall wellness and, consequently, be prepared to learn. The purpose of taking a multi is supplement important vitamins and minerals you may be missing from your diet. We all know “campus food” isn’t very healthy and most students do not have time to maintain a well-balanced diet.

A multi is a perfect product to keep you in good shape for the upcoming semester. Remember: vitamin supplementation needs to be taken on a daily basis in order to produce significant results.

Moreover, developing a strong immune system is essential to succeed in school. Students who do not get sick are likely to do better in school than students missing classes due to illness. An herbal supplement may be an additional boost to enhance your immune system. Herbs such as Echinacea, goldenseal and fenugreek are common ingredients in special formulas to build up the immune system.

Finally, probiotics are the most potent products to fortify the immune system and, at the same time, support the digestive system.

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