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Break the Seal

Filed Under: Sexual Health at 4:15 pm | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
Drunken BacchusThey say don’t break the seal. When you’re drinking, the first trip to the bathroom will lead to the next and one after that and another one after that. You’ll spend more time in the lavatory than in the bar. So to maximize your drink-time, you fight the urge to pee. When you have to go, you think about something else – the restroom’s “cleanliness”, the guy about to buy you a round or your shoes, which are currently killing you. Eventually, nature wins the war, and you make your way to the restroom. But by the time you do, you may have done more than successfully followed misguided drinking rules; you may have damaged your bladder.

Heavy strain on the bladder, from unnecessary fullness, can thin the bladder’s walls. As they get thinner, the chances of rupture increase.  Something as simple as a fall or minor trauma could burst it. Within hours, a severe infection follows and surgery is necessary to avoid death. Until recently, the condition has been associated with men and alcoholics, but doctors are beginning to see it in women.  Ladies are drinking more and more regularly, catching up quickly to the men. Binges are not uncommon, and, as such, alcohol-related problems are increasingly prevalent.

If you are a regular drinker, male or female, you should be aware of the risks associated with alcohol consumption, including those beyond liver damage. The best way to prevent any alcohol-related condition is to remain within the daily recommended limits.  However, that won’t always happen. So, break the seal. When you’re at the bar, go to the bathroom, and even if you think you don’t have to, go often. As you drink, you simultaneously fill your bladder and dull your senses. You’ll have to pee, but you won’t know it. Your bladder walls will thin, and if you stumble over the curb on the way home, you may find yourself recovering from abdominal surgery in the morning rather than a hangover. Five minutes away from your glass won’t kill you; staying there might.

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