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Delayed? Hooray!

Filed Under: Sexual Health at 1:08 pm | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
Airport TerminalYou probably associate delayed flights with inconvenience, boredom and frustration. The absence of your plane will leave you sprawled across uncomfortable chairs, counting the dots on the ceiling and twiddling your thumbs. By the time you board, you’ll be restless, snarling and in no mood to be trapped in a metal cage with one hundred other people. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The airport terminal is filled with opportunities – opportunities for health.

Just beyond security, sits a kiosk complete with trained medical staff, needles and vaccinations. You can, in five short moments, get a flu shot.  You’ll arm yourself against a nasty ailment and have plenty of time to make your plane. In fact, you’ll have too much time, so grab something to eat. Forgo the lunch boxes, fat-filled stands and unfulfilling coffee shops. Find a restaurant. Nearly all airports have sit-down dining facilities that offer at least one low-fat, low-cholesterol vegetarian meal.  And for the meat-lovers, there are similarly healthy options. While you’re eating, invite the lone diner at the next table to join you. Airports are great places to meet people (One in 10 individuals have gone out with or know someone who has gone out with an airside acquaintance).  By the time you board, you’ll have boosted your immune system, consumed some much-needed nutrition and expanded your social circle.

If you can accomplish all this at the airport, can you even begin to imagine what is possible elsewhere?

There are opportunities for health, be it physical, psychological or social, at every turn. You simply have to be aware of their existence to take advantage of them. This starts with opening your eyes and absorbing the details of your surroundings. You’ll be shocked by what is before you, and you’ll be healthier because of it.

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  1. Kelsey James says:

    Interesting…Its hard to believe you can do all that in an airport!!!

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