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Eating Your Way to a Better Belly

Filed Under: Sexual Health at 1:40 pm | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
BellyWe’ve talked about the health benefits of having a flatter belly. You know that reducing the bulge will reduce your likelihood of heart disease. You also know that overall it’s better to have a balanced amount of fat on your body rather than disproportionate deposits. So, let’s just skip over those facts and be completely shallow for a moment. Having a flatter belly is nice. It looks good. It allows for more clothing options, particularly if you’re a woman. It (be honest you know it does) boosts your self esteem, and it provides you with the motivation needed to maintain your healthy habits. After all, who wants to lose something they’ve worked so hard to achieve? And, work you must. Flat abs do not just happen. It’s a process.

You have to start by identifying the bulge’s source.  It could be that you, if female, are going through menopause. Your metabolism is slowing, and your estrogen is falling. Or, your stress-hormone levels may be in overdrive, as a result of extreme anxiety. Your insulin levels could be imbalanced, or you could have had one too many beers every night for the past several months. Depending on the cause, your specific strategy will vary. A woman going through menopause shouldn’t take the same steps a man with a beer belly will. It simply won’t work. Your doctor or nutritionist can provide you with the best suggestions for your individual needs. However, there are some guidelines that everyone can use as basic rules for belly loss:

• Eat lots of fruits and veggies – get your carbs from carrots and oranges rather than refined grains. You’ll get lots of fiber, stay full longer and consume powerful amounts of vitamin C and beta-carotene. Both have been found to fight the belly fat.
• Get your daily dose of selenium – it’s known for fighting cancer, but that’s not all it does. Studies have found a direct correlation between selenium levels and waist size. Keep the first high and the second low.
• Make 25 percent of your calories protein – you’ll lose weight with the energy boost and full feelings that come with a serving of protein. However, don’t overdo it. Choose the low-fat/no-fat dairy products, poultry and fish.
• Keep cracking open the bottle – a glass of wine each night might very well protect against unsightly midsection gain. But, if you don’t already partake, this isn’t an invitation to begin. There are drawbacks to regular alcohol consumption.
• Do fat right – monounsaturated fat and omega-3 fatty acids are the way to go. Avoid trans fats like the plague and be wary of omega-6.

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