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Healthy Back to School Checklist

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Back to schoolLucky Vitamin is your favorite place for healthy “Back to School” savings. This week, Lucky Blog will display the best products to keep students healthy and happy this fall.

Students are going back to school across the country and no matter where you live, it’s time to get healthy and ready to learn.

Start with a complete multi vitamin to supply important vitamins and minerals you may be missing from your diet. Vitamins can keep your body in good shape for another school year. In addition, memory boosters and supplements to promote focus and attention can be extremely helpful during midterms and finals.

Next step, lunches. Parents may prepare healthy lunches and snacks such as mixed nuts, nutritional bars and natural candy, ideal to maintain kids eating healthy. Lunch boxes, containers and beverage bottles should also be on your “to do” list. Think about the environment: recyclable food storage and water bottles can help keep our planet green.

Attendance is very important in school. Don’t get sick, it’s time to build up a strong immune system to prevent students from missing class. Immune boosters, virus and germ protection should be a priority for every student this fall.

Fish oil supplements for kids have become very popular. There’s no specific age to enjoy the benefits from the power of the sea. Children’s fish oil products are available in delicious flavors.

Finally, take care of your skin. Don’t forget to shop for products to promote healthy skin. Acne can be a nightmare for teenager students. Several products for acne and skin treatment are available to keep your skin healthy and beautiful.

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