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Keep Your Pants On

Filed Under: Sexual Health at 1:33 pm | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
FeetMany men strip down before getting into bed, preferring to sleep in the nude than to be confined by the limitations of boxers. This preference is usually known only by the sleepers and their bedmates, but in the United Kingdom, the information is becoming more and more public, thanks to sleepwalking. Many of Britain’s men are baring all as they wander the halls at night, unaware of their nudity. And they don’t seem to be too picky about their location. The Travelodge, one of the country’s largest hotel chains, has seen so many sleepwalkers in the past year that concierges are advised to have towels handy, in case a patron needs a nighttime cover.  Why the sudden surge in naked sleepwalkers?

I can’t answer the clothing conundrum, but the sleepwalking or somnambulating is probably a result of too much stress and too little sleep.   The condition is commonly seen in individuals who are sleep deprived, have chaotic schedules, are anxiety-ridden or have consumed copious amounts of alcohol prior to bed. Therefore, the only solution is to regulate your routine, maximizing the amount of quality snooze-time you log each night. You should avoid unnecessary stimuli, such as the television, your cell phone, caffeine and activities that raise your body temperature. Try to create a relaxing regimen that will mellow you out and ease you under the covers. It may include meditation, breathing practices or silence and herbal tea.  Just make sure that when you get into bed your body and mind are prepared for rest, and hopefully, you’ll stay there.

However, if you don’t, you may need to take more steps to end your sleepwalking. You should see your doctor in case the midnight meanders have underlying medical reasons. He’ll be able to diagnose and treat the condition. Meanwhile, take these tips to keep your somnambulant nights from turning into humiliating mornings: 

• Remove sharp objects – the last thing you want is to wake up and find that you’ve impaled yourself on the nearest pointy corner. If you’re a regular sleepwalker, make your bedroom as safe as possible.
• Stay grounded – if you are walking but are unaware of it, the likelihood of you stumbling down a flight of stairs is pretty high. Sleep on the ground floor until you’re able to remain in bed.
• Bar the exits – it will be harder for your snoozing self to escape if the doors and windows are locked. Turn the deadbolt before crawling under the covers.
• Sound the alarm – set up a system that will wake you or at least your bed partner if you try to make a run for it. An obnoxious bell or similar alarm will do the trick.
• Keep your privates private – wear something.

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