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Laughter Really Is the Best Medicine

Filed Under: Sexual Health at 4:53 pm | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
Laughter AlertThere is a reason comedy clubs, sitcoms, comics and all things funny are so popular. Laughter makes us feel better.  Nothing compares to a hearty belly laugh or a suppressed snicker. It is the only thing that can reverse our maudlin moods, turn our frowns upside down and put the pep back in our step. For that reason, we love to laugh, but confining the glory of a giggle to the mental realm, as worshipping as the act may be, is not giving credit where credit is due. Laughter, after all, stretches far beyond our minds.

The simple act of laughing gives our bodies a healthy workout.  As we chortle away, we breathe more deeply, taking in more oxygen and releasing more endorphins. Our muscles relax; spasms reduce. Our hearts and immune systems receive an extra shot of strength, and we turn our bodies into an ailment fighting machine. But, that’s not all. As we increase our stamina, we decrease pain’s. Studies have proven that laughter can relieve the intensity of an ache. When children watch comedy shows during a painful experience, their tolerance significantly increases.  They are able to withstand more and are, thus, more likely to get through those impossible clinical procedures. And, since we all have an inner child, the same could work for you, too.

The only problem is figuring out what will elicit that elusive chuckle. As we get older, we laugh less.  It takes a little more effort to push in those dimples, but it really shouldn’t. The world is full of humor. Simply examining the facets of your daily life (from an outsider’s point of view) can offer untold opportunities to giggle. If not, there are hoards of people out there dying to make you smile. Give them the opportunity and feel the health rush in as the laughter bubbles out.

To get you on your merry way, here’s a joke that, at the very least, will have you shaking your head in amused dismay:

At bedtime, the amorous husband prepared two aspirin and a glass of water for his wife.

“What is this for?”

“Your headache.”

“But I don’t have a headache.”

“Good.” �

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  1. shirtless says:

    I don’t know about that joke, but whenever I see Felix and the word “maudlin” I’m never left less than risible…

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