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Lighting Up the Nights

Filed Under: Sexual Health at 5:00 pm | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
SmokingA few hours after you stub out that last cigarette, you are itchy, craving another. At first, it’s nothing more than a nagging at the back of your mind, but the longer you sit there ignoring it, the more it becomes a need, the more you MUST have one more taste of nicotine. Your head starts to ache, you can no longer concentrate and everything everyone is doing grates at your nerves. You are one second from standing, screaming and storming from the office when you cave, go outside calmly and have the cigarette. As you inhale deeply and feel the craving start to wane, you concede that this is why you’ve never quit. You could never handle going through withdrawal on a regular basis.  But what you don’t know is that you do. Every night your body starts the process. The first signs of withdrawal begin to appear as you sleep, and that is why you and your fellow smokers fail to wake up rested.

A study of 40 middle-aged smokers found that 23 percent reported getting a poor night’s sleep as opposed to five percent of nonsmokers.  Their midnight desire for nicotine prevented them from remaining in deep sleep and thus kept them from awakening refreshed and rejuvenated. To make matters worse, they had a considerably more difficult time falling asleep. The nicotine in their pre-bed smoke acted as a stimulant, rendering dreamland a far off and rarely reached location. Essentially, their nights were filled with tossing and turning both before and after they drifted off, leaving their mornings to be filled with yawns, drowsiness and an am cigarette. Sound familiar?

Smoking is already claiming your health and taking chunks out of your days. Why not let this final insult – this detraction from sleep – be the last straw? Quit. You think that you can’t handle withdrawal, but you can. There are products out there to help you, ways to make the first days, weeks and months easier. You’ll get through the worst of it, and before you know it, your days will no longer be filled with overwhelming urges, and neither will your nights.

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