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Litebook Lights up Your Life

Filed Under: Sexual Health at 4:25 pm | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
LitebookHow much time do you spend indoors? Probably, a good portion of your day, and as the days get shorter, that amount will get longer and longer. You’ll barely see the sun. You’ll drive to and from work in the dark. You’ll see light only through the windows of your office building. You’ll fill Saturdays and Sundays with indoor activities and only venture outdoors for short periods of time. The good news is you’re not alone. Almost everyone ups their inside time come late fall and winter, both out of choice and necessity. However in doing so, we are all depriving ourselves of something we need to remain healthy: sunlight.

Exposure to light is an important aspect of our health. An extreme lack of it can result in Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a form of depression occurring between September and April (most commonly between December and February). It affects half a million people every winter leaving them lethargic, irritable, miserable and incapable of completing their daily routines. In severe occurrences, individuals may experience feelings of hopelessness or apathy as well as extreme moods. In short, SAD can debilitate a person. Antidepressants and counseling are both viable means of treating SAD, as is light therapy.

Light therapy involves exposure to a bright light for a set period of time each day. It leaves you feeling energized, alert and in a better mood. For individuals suffering from SAD, light therapy can make a world of difference. Researchers recently tested the effects of light therapy on 23 SAD patients, using the Litebook. Those exposed to the Litebook for 30 minutes each morning had a higher rate of remission than those who were not, proving the Litebook’s effectiveness.  So if you feel your mood graying with the sky, first talk to a doctor. Figure out if it is depression or just the end-of-summer blues. Either way, if you decide that light therapy may help, opt for the Litebook. After all, it is scientifically backed.

2 Responses to “Litebook Lights up Your Life”

  1. Eric says:

    So fluorescent lighting doesn’t count as day light I guess? Spring can’t come quick enough.

  2. Gwen says:

    I’ve actually heard that tanning booths give the same effect, though not as safe.

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