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Lucky Resolutions

Filed Under: Sexual Health at 1:07 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak
New Year’s resolutionThe year 2009 is almost over. It’s time to think about New Year’s resolutions.

LuckyVitamin wants to make your 2010 a healthy year. As in previous years, LuckyBlog will publish a series of ideas for New Years resolutions to inspire you, your family and friends.

Perhaps you have more than one resolution, or want to combine a few ideas into a new resolution. You may want to quit a bad habit, change your lifestyle, or start a new project.

Whatever you have in mind, LuckyVitamin can guide and help you achieving your goals.

A New Year’s resolution is a commitment and should be taking seriously. Whether you have a project for the upcoming year or plan to make a lifestyle change, your commitment to your resolution is essential in order to accomplish your goals.

Planning your resolution is also important. First, you should establish if you intend a short term goal or a long term goal.

For example, quit smoking, pursue a new career, get out of debt, learn a new language, eat healthy, get fit and lose weight are examples of long term goals.

On the other hand, take a trip, change your hairstyle, get up early in the mornings, or become more organized are examples of short term goals.

Long term goals are more difficult to accomplish but results are more rewarding and may lead you to a better and healthier life.

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