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Managing the Holiday Obstacle Course

Filed Under: Sexual Health at 9:22 am | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
Christmas CookiesIt’s Christmas Eve; your holiday celebrations will most likely start tonight with a festive dinner and pre-Christmas dessert. Or maybe they already started with the gingerbread man you had for breakfast. Either way, your future holds 24 hours (at least) of non-stop holiday hoopla, complete with mountains of food and fountains of drink. If you aren’t careful, the gifts Santa leaves beneath your tree won’t button, let alone fit properly when you squeeze into them on the 26th. So, commit the following tips to memory and spend the next day and a half having gobs of holiday fun without gobs of holiday fat:

• Limit the Liquids – your glass just magically keeps refilling, right? You don’t know how the wine went from barely there to lapping over the top, but you have to drink it. Actually, you don’t. Drink moderately, and when you are filling the glass, avoid the most grievous libations such as eggnog and Brandy Alexanders. Or at the very least, count them as your dessert.
• Be Selective – when loading your plate, pick the foods that offer the least damage with a maximum amount of yum. Applesauce, hard cheese, yams, steamed seafood, cranberry sauce, dark chocolate and pumpkin pies are excellent selections, in moderation.
• Be Aware – okay, maybe it’s ridiculous to believe that you’ll ban the sinful decadences completely. The cherry cobbler HAS been calling you since well before the cherries even fell from the tree. So bite with your eyes open. Know the estimated amounts of calories and fat in each slice and keep your portions tiny.
• Bring Your Own – if you supply a tray of treats, you’ll know the contents of at least one food at the party. There are plenty of healthy recipes for delicious desserts out there. Find them. Bake them. Take them.
• Step Away from the Food – mingling over the fondue pot is a great way to meet new people and ingest gallons of melted chocolate. Sit far from the buffet table, dessert trays and chip baskets.
• Distract Yourself – rather than starting conversations with “God, these cheese balls are delicious,” try asking about work, shopping, kids, hobbies, the weather . . . anything, but food!�

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