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My What? Oh, Right. My Heart

Filed Under: Sexual Health at 1:22 pm | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
Christmas HamsterYou’re at a party; it’s your night to relax and ignore the nagging holiday stress. So far, everything is going as planned. You look great. Conversation is flowing smoothly. The music is mellowing, and the food is delicious. But, your chest hurts a little. It must be indigestion. You shouldn’t have had that last piece of stromboli. You decide to wait a few moments for the discomfort to pass, before returning to the table for more. Only, it doesn’t pass. The pain is worsening not fading. You don’t know what to do. Indigestion has never been like this . . . because it’s not indigestion. You’re having a heart attack.

December and January (the holiday season) are the deadliest months for heart disease.  The cold weather constricts blood vessels. The increased rate of respiratory infection taxes the heart, and winter chores cause over-exertion, stressing your most vital organ. Then, the festivities occur.  All of the revelry makes ignoring heart health an easy task. Medication is forgotten. Exercise is ignored, and diets are thrown out the window in favor of “it’s the holidays!” The occasional night of heavy drinking and eating overworks the heart, increasing heart rate and blood pressure before your indulgence is even digested. But when coronary symptoms start, you ignore them. They’re inconvenient. You are out or in a strange city or in denial about what’s happening. By the time you get to a doctor, the damage is done. You may survive, but your heart will never be the same.

If you want to avoid such a dangerous disruption to your holiday celebrations, focus on heart health this season.  As a host, use your control to create offerings that are low in fat. Sneak veggies into recipes and avoid excessive amounts of saturated fat and sodium. Rather than keeping all of the food in one room, place platters in different parts of the house. This will encourage mingling and movement. Additionally, pour bite-size snacks into snifters, rendering mindless munching impossible. When you’re attending, don’t show up starving, pace yourself and gab instead of gorge. You are, after all, there to socialize not eat. After or before the party, take a walk. Soak in the brisk air and festive decorations. It might even put you in more of a holiday mood. But most importantly, if symptoms occur, see a doctor immediately. It might cut the party short, but it will keep the same from happening to your life.

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