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Nothing Cured Me!

Filed Under: Sexual Health at 9:42 am | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
PlaceboWhen you go to the doctor, you have certain expectations. He will listen to your complaints, examine you, diagnose the problem and if necessary, prescribe the appropriate medication. The pills you receive will be a combination of chemicals, mixed perfectly so as to create a potent drug sure to eliminate your ailment.

But what if they aren’t? What if they are nothing more than an empty capsule?

A recent study found that placebo prescription was much more common than thought. Previously, the do-nothing pills were used to determine if symptoms were real or to compare the effects of varying drugs. But today, nearly half of surveyed doctors say that they have given placebos to patients, believing that the beliefs and expectations of recovery would heal the body. And the vast majority, regardless of whether or not they had prescribed placebos, admitted that the “fake” medication had therapeutic effects.

Most are looking at this discovery, and harping on the ethical implications of fake prescriptions. However, we are going to do something else. We will look at the positive, the implications that this study makes about our bodies.

There is a powerful connection between the mind and body. If you believe that you will recover, you very well might. Why? The body has a natural ability to heal – an ability that even doctors are recognizing as greater than some medications. Assuming you are well (aside from the current ailment), meaning you eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly, maintain the proper levels of all nutrients and have faith in your health, your body can overcome the various bugs and bacteria that invade your system. This, of course, won’t work for the more serious conditions, but it’s worth thinking about for the less detrimental.

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One Response to “Nothing Cured Me!”

  1. Dakota says:

    This is so true. I am certain that much of medicine and physical health is connected to the mind. Like with caffeine, if I don’t have any in the morning, by 2 I’m convinced that I’m exhausted and headachey. The second I take a sip of coffee, I’m instantly “cured”. There’s no way the caffeine hits me that quickly, but I think it does and so I feel better. If we paid more attention to our minds, we wouldn’t be so dependent on pills.

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