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Putting Out the Fire

Filed Under: Sexual Health at 4:00 pm | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
Fire Extinguisher There comes a point in every smoker’s life when they realize that their cigarette habit is not loved by those around them. Perhaps for you this occurred after receiving the fiftieth link to an article on smoking and health from your mother. Perhaps you got the picture when your best friend continued relentlessly spraying you with body mist in an attempt to mask the lingering cigarette smell. Or perhaps you simply took the hint from the hundreds of places including, most recently, Iowa and Switzerland that no longer allow public smoking. Whatever the cause, you got the hint.

Unfortunately for a woman in Bielefeld, Germany, the same did not occur.  Subtle clues and outright demands were not enough to convince her that smoking was no longer a good idea. She blatantly ignored her boyfriend’s pleas, lighting up repeatedly right in front of him. At his wit’s end, the ardent nonsmoker unleashed the fire extinguisher, covering her and the apartment in powder. The cigarette and, not surprisingly, the relationship were successfully put out; and the young woman finally got the picture: smoking is now a social faux pas.

Sadly, many people remain unaware, continuing to ignore the desires of the general public. You may have already caught on and quit, but you may also know some who haven’t. If that’s the case, you should enlighten them (reserving the fire extinguisher as a last resort) and help them find ways to permanently stub out the cigarette. You can lead them to sites with suggestions,  show them products that work, and offer support and advice as someone who has gone before them. With your help, a smoke-free social circle can replace the cloudy one currently in existence.

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