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Quick Fat Fixes . . .

Filed Under: Sexual Health at 4:58 pm | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
ShadowAs the weight problem in America grows, so does our obsession with quick fat-fixes. We want to eliminate the flab, immediately. Diet and exercise will take too long, so we turn to cosmetic procedures. First, we had the gastric bypass procedure (i.e. stomach stapling); then we discovered gastric banding, followed by liposuction and lipomassage.  Now, we have lipodissolve.

It’s advertised as a less intrusive liposuction. For a mere $2,000 per body part, doctors will inject you, 6 times over two weeks, with a drug compound that, allegedly, eliminates fat deposits. You can take care of the pesky cellulite on your thighs, the jiggle under your arms, the droop in your butt or the lack of love from your love handles. Short-term side effects are limited to bruising, infection, swelling or allergic reaction. No long-term complications have been associated with the procedure. On the surface, it sounds great. Who wouldn’t, with enough money, jump at the chance to have lipodissolve? How about anyone who actually thought about it? So, let’s do that.

You’re about to invest a great deal of money in a needle, a needle filled with drugs the FDA has yet to approve. In fact, the entire procedure is still not standardized, and there are questions as to what it actually does. Rather than being eliminated, some researchers believe that the fat deposits are simply liquefied and shifted to an alternate part of the body. That’s not going to bode well for your future health. But there are no long-term side effects, you say. That’s because lipodissolve is about two years old. It isn’t necessarily that there aren’t any long-term problems; it’s that they haven’t had time to appear yet. Do you really want to risk that? Besides, if you’re getting lipodissolve, you aren’t seriously obese (it’s meant only for small areas of fat),  so you could probably eliminate the needle’s target with . . . diet and exercise. Yes it’s sad but true. The old stand-bys, diet and exercise, can give you the body you want. Here are a few suggestions for your most hated problem areas:

• Love Handles – In addition to cutting and burning those calories, love handles can be reduced with exercises like dumbbell side bends and crunches. Strengthening your lower back and giving your shoulders a little extra bulk won’t hurt either.�
• Underarm Flab – That pesky jiggle won’t always disappear with weight. You need to tone your arms. You’ll be focusing on triceps for this particular issue so try bench dips and triceps kickbacks.�
• Droopy Butt – You can’t see it, but you can feel it sag. To tighten your butt, embrace the squat in all forms, then do some lunges, leg lifts and leg curls.

3 Responses to “Quick Fat Fixes . . .”

  1. jsa says:

    Lipodissolve is designed for those small areas that just won’t go away despite all of our efforts. It’s not a weight loss quick fix, but an inch eliminating option. You’re right when you say that diet and exercise can help you get the body you want. But most people have pockets of fat which are resistant to diet and exercise. Love handles, abdomen, inner and outer thigh areas, bra rolls etc on some people are hormonally controlled and despite all efforts will not be permanently eliminated. I just started working for fig. the leader in medically supervised body shaping and i didn’t know about a lot of this before. That people, especially women can’t lose certain areas of fat including the areas mentioned above. This is a great option for people who exercise, eat right and just want to contour those last stubborn areas without surgery.

  2. GSB says:

    I had a consultation today with a new LipoDissolve company in Mobile, Alabama, and am seriously considering it. Plan to start with the abdomen, then if it works well will have other areas done. I am post menopausal with weight gain around the middle that just will not leave no matter how much dieting or exercise I do. Would love to hear from people that have had the procedure and whether it worked or not for them.

  3. ashton dietrick says:

    I am glad I had a chance to read your message, if you have more vein thearpy information elsewhere let me know or post it here.

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