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Red Bull Clips Your Wings

Filed Under: Sexual Health at 1:10 pm | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
Energy DrinkAs midday rolls around and evening looms, the realization that you still have hours of work but no energy hits you with startling force. How will you complete everything on your list, when you can think of nothing but curling up under your desk and dozing for the next three years? You are doomed. But then as if by some miracle of God, you remember the can of Red Bull, stowed in your bottom desk drawer. With one click of the tab, you can send streams of energy into your body, enabling you to constructively use the hours before you. You scramble for the can and quickly devour its contents. You are invigorated, revitalized. Your energy and, thus, productivity have skyrocketed, but be careful. They aren’t the only things going through the roof.

Consuming energy drinks raises both your blood pressure and heart rate.  When 15 healthy adults drank two cans a day for a week, their sedentary heart rates increased by eight percent on the first day and 11 percent on the last. Results for blood pressure were similar. For the participants, the increase wasn’t enough to cause health concerns, but that’s because they were all 100% heart-healthy. Individuals on blood pressure medication or with cardiovascular problems could be risking severe complications with each sip.  Their medication could be rendered ineffective, and their previously regulated levels could become, once again, dangerously high. Their five minutes of energy could mean five fewer of life.

If you have a heart problem and an energy one, you should find alternate ways to achieve vigor. You can start by examining your life. The primary pep-depleters are inactivity, lack of sleep and stress.  Simply getting up and moving around for a few minutes can work wonders, so can breathing exercises. The deep inhalations will rush oxygen into your body, jolting you awake. But those are quick fixes. Maximizing energy for the long-haul involves getting adequate amounts of sleep, managing stress and making exercise a regular part of your day. If you do that, you won’t need the can of caffeine, and you won’t face the risk.

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