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Save Time; Combine Your Addictions

Filed Under: Sexual Health at 2:59 pm | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
Chap Stick By now, we’ve established that there is a slight conflict between my opinions and behavior when considering caffeine. The nutritional blogger in me advocates moderation, aware that too much of the potent drug can result in numerous negative consequences. The addict in me can’t stop reaching for the overloaded beverages and often fantasizes about an IV that would continually pump caffeine into my body. I’m torn. So it’s with a mixture of morbid curiosity and health-conscious horror that I inform you of the latest in caffeine phenomena: Spazzstick

It’s a lip balm infused with caffeine and one of many products that is currently touting the benefits of directly absorbing the drug.  One rub on your lip will provide you with a jolt equivalent to that of a cup of coffee. The idea is that if you don’t like the traditional caffeine-ingestion methods (java, tea, chocolate, soda), you can get the drug’s benefits without the sour/sweet/bubbly taste. As an added benefit, you’ll protect your lips from the moisture-sucking cold. You’ll be alert, peppy and chap-free. It sounds amazing. You’ll be killing two birds with one stone. But I’m fairly certain that the potential backlash outweighs the obvious pros.

If you stick to one application, you won’t overdo the caffeine. But let’s be honest. Have you ever only applied lib balm once? I put it on, and five minutes later, I need more. If the tube sits on my desk, I’m constantly reaching for it. I’m hooked on it and so are most lip-balm users.  When the product is plain, the addiction is harmless, but when caffeine is added to the mix, you’re asking for it. And is the fact that caffeine is currently in your Chapstick going to keep you from drinking that soda? Probably not. In the end you’ll have moist lips, sure, but also a hyperactive, spazzy mind. You only have to scan Spazzstick’s Web site to see that.   In my opinion (and I’m talking as a nutritional blogger here; the other part of me wants to know if they need a product tester), keep your addictions separate. Buy some lip balm. Buy some caffeine. Enjoy them on their own. It’ll be better that way or at least calmer.

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