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Scheduled for Health

Filed Under: Sexual Health at 11:58 am | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
watchBob, down the street, seems to have one of those sporadic jobs. His car appears and disappears randomly, sometimes gone before six in the morning, sometimes there well after 10. And it’s nearly always present in the evenings unless Bob Jr. has a baseball game. You know Bob is not a cop, doctor or professional with any type of erratic schedule. You’re fairly certain he’s in business (fingers crossed, a legitimate one), but if he was, wouldn’t that imply a 9 to 5 much like your own?

Not if Bob has what so many workers crave: flexibility.

Flexibility removes the dreaded time clock. It makes compressed work weeks, flex time, job sharing and remote/telework possible. It gives employees the opportunity to balance career and family. And, according to a recent study, it maximizes their health.

When researchers surveyed more than 3,200 workers about their health habits, they found that those with flexible schedules reported¬†healthier lifestyles. They attended more health programs, exercised regularly, slept the recommended amount and managed stress more effectively. When the less flexible employees had the opportunity to lose some of their schedule’s rigidity, they too found more time for health. It could be that the changed routines allowed for less stress and, thus, better sleep. It could be that the workers came home earlier and were able to arrange their days to include health-conscious activities, or it could be . . . almost anything. Whatever the reason, the truth is that flexibility in work equals health at home. Try to find some if you can.¬†

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