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Stand Up. Right Now. I’m Serious.

Filed Under: Sexual Health at 12:06 pm | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
SittingWhat’s the one activity that fills the majority of your waking hours? I’ll give you a hint: it’s not exercise. In fact, it’s not even an activity. It’s sitting. Most of your day is spent on your butt, in a chair, on the floor, in your car or in front of the TV/computer. Your legs, the very limbs meant to carry you from place to place and provide you with the coveted ability to move, lounge about unused for hours on end. But you make up for it, right? You exercise for 45 minutes, five times a week. That’s more than the recommended minimum. So who cares if the other 15 hours are spent sitting. It’s not doing any harm.

And that is where you would be wrong. Endless hours of sitting do more to your body than even an hour of daily exercise can rectify.  The moment your butt hits the chair the enzymes designed to burn fat shut down.  They just stop. The fat in your body is retained, enabling weight gain (or disabling loss) and lowering good cholesterol. With that, your risk of cardiovascular disease increases, and our health is horrifyingly hindered just because you sat.

If you want to turn this around, stand up. You can no longer rely on spurts of exercise to cure all that ails you. You have to be on your feet more than you are on your rear. We can’t all have Walkstations, but we can find ways to turn a few seated hours into standing ones.  Try to do more activities such as shopping or household chores rather than video games or mindless lazing. Practice typing, eating, reading or even watching TV while you stand. This is an easy lifestyle change. It involves nothing more than getting up.

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