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Standing Around

Filed Under: Sexual Health at 2:38 pm | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
Standing at your deskThe truth about sitting and its ability to completely shut down your metabolism spawned another flurry of “stand while you work” advice. Once again, you were being told, by me, to get out of your desk chair and do all that you could on your feet. You probably guessed, and rightly so, that I typed this sage guidance from the confines of my own chair. How easy it was for me to dispense advice without actually following it. This truth weighed heavily upon me, so, in the spirit of practice what you preach, I spent my morning standing – writing, researching and posting on my feet.

It went well. I was just as, if not more, productive than usual and found my only frustration to be the foreign keyboard at my fingertips (typos overwhelmed the first hour of my day). There was no change in my ability to troll the internet for new health headlines or string together sentences in a somewhat comprehensive manner. My only complaint was that by the fifth hour, my knees were less than happy with me. However, that was rectified by a 30-minute walk during lunch.

If you think you can handle the removal of your chair, by all means banish it but make sure you have the following necessities before doing so:

• A height-conducive environment – the only reason I was able to conduct this experiment was because my office has a computer at standing level. If I had attempted to lean over to reach my usual desktop, I would have lasted no more than five minutes.
• Comfortable shoes – think carefully when getting dressed in the morning. You want shoes with support that cradle your arch and offer your body, from the soles up, a painless foundation.
• Floor cushioning – don’t buy a fluffy, down pillow to stand on but consider a rubber mat to lessen the otherwise hard as a rock floor.
• Stamina – you have to be able to stand for more than twenty minutes at a time for this to work. If for a medical reason you can’t, stick with your chair and look for other ways to counteract the pitfalls of sitting.

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